We are Nevercode

The team behind Codemagic CI/CD

Our vision is to bring continuous improvement to software development
Our mission is to give developers actionable feedback as fast as possible by separating signal from noise.
  • 10y+ expertise in the field
  • 8M+ successful builds

Talent and attitude

Building a great product and a great company means building a team of talented people that can work well together and like to be challenged. Talent is a necessity to succeed, but if you prefer to work on your own, keep your head down and don’t take criticism well, then you will not be happy here. If the opposite is true, you like to work in a team, take initiative and stay humble, then come say hi!

Work-life balance

Sometimes it seems like a myth. Well... time to call the myth busters then. You can’t stay healthy and bring good ideas to the table without taking time to rest and have fun. We help the people in our team to become independent and manage their own time. This means planning your day and taking some time to spend with people you care about.

Best idea wins

In science, you often assume you’re wrong and have to prove that you are right. This means that we always have to be aware of our assumptions and do lots of experiments. Growth is often solved by testing and you need to be able to design minimum viable solutions to test your hypothesis. The bolder the better!

Transparency matters

In our product, we need to make our tooling open source and document it well because how else should our customer understand why something behaves the way it does or how to fix it. In our team and in our company everyone needs to understand how we are doing and where we are heading.

The latter is often harder than it seems since wishful thinking can often hide the problems we need to solve and create false assumptions upon which we start to plan our future. It is extremely important to see clearly and make sure we understand our current situation before planning for the future.

The story behind Nevercode

Nevercode, originally known as Greenhouse, started already in 2012 when there was an internal hackathon at Mobi Lab, a development and design shop in Tartu, Estonia.

Managing Jenkins servers and getting them to publish to Google Play for Android applications was painful. The emulators were unstable and hosts were often unreachable. Automating iOS deployments seemed like a distant future.

After some success Greenhouse was released in 2014 and later became Nevercode in 2017. We still remain a place where your apps can grow though :)

Today we are lucky to have partnered with Google and serve some of the most talented mobile developers in the world. We are grateful for having a community that helps us in building our product and sharing knowledge with others. We give back by sponsoring community-driven events and writing about topics that developers want to know about. We will always keep supporting students, teachers and open source projects and will continue to keep a free tier of our product for you to use for your hobby projects.


We launched Nevercode CI/CD

In March 2017, we introduced Nevercode, a cloud-based continuous integration and continuous delivery service for mobile apps that automates the key steps in the development process — building, testing and distributing.


We launched Codemagic CI/CD

Nevercode launches Codemagic CI/CD for Flutter apps at Flutter Live held in December 2018. Dedicated to Flutter apps, Codemagic allowed app creators to easily configure the whole flow from Flutter platform to their end users at Google Play or App Store with minimum effort. Read more.


Partnership with Google, Nevercode is on stage at MWC’19

Having established a place in the ever-growing Flutter community with the Codemagic product, Nevercode entered into an ongoing partnership with Google for providing front-line triage of issues in several Flutter repositories. Read more.

Our CEO Martin Jeret presented Testmagic, built 100% with Flutter, on the stage at Mobile World Congress ´19. Testmagic helped users and teams distribute app artifacts for beta testing but has been discontinued by now.


Codemagic becomes a CI/CD for all mobile platforms

Codemagic introduced a new way of configuring workflows — through a single codemagic.yaml configuration file. Codemagic now extends beyond Flutter projects and can be easily integrated with any other service. Read more. With that, we also say goodbye to Nevercode CI/CD.


Codemagic wins the hearts of developers

Codemagic is rated the Best Ease of Use Application Development Software and the Best Ease of Use Continuous Integration Software on Capterra.


The keyword for 2022 is growth.

Our active user base doubled over the year. We expanded our team and now have team members from 15 countries across the world. 2022 is also the year when we lowered our prices when everyone else was increasing theirs. We believe CI/CD is a necessity, not a luxury, and will continue to provide great value for an affordable price.


Focus on an even better mobile development ecosystem

We believe in working smarter, not harder, and support projects that are essential for mobile app developers. Codemagic is one of the regular contributors to Flutter, and we sponsor Tuist for its mission to simplify Xcode project management. Throughout the year, we have attended and sponsored numerous conferences worldwide to spread knowledge about mobile CI/CD, develop partnerships, and build stronger communities.

What's next?

That's not the end of our challenges and achievments. Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with our progress.

Join our team

We're always looking for talented people to join our collective. Take a look at some of the jobs we have openings for and don't be afraid to get in touch, even if you can't find a opening for your position.

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