Codemagic for Enterprises

Starting from $12K/year Paid only annually

All features, fixed costs, priced per concurrency. Shared or dedicated build machines available. Want to know how we can integrate with your company’s infrastructure? Get in touch with us.

HWHardware & configuration

Powerful hardware

Use powerful Linux, Windows, and macOS hardware. Non-standard hardware is available on request, e.g. Mac Studio.

Dedicated machines

Run builds in an isolated environment with increased security.

Private cloud

Use dedicated machines with full control over network access.

Custom base image

Have all your tools pre-installed and let us take care of DevOps.

ST Custom settings

Concurrent builds

Increase team productivity by running multiple builds in parallel.

User & role management

Use SSO to integrate internal enterprise directory identities using OpenID Connect, OAuth2 or SAML.


We offer onboarding and dedicated support so you can maximize your Codemagic experience.

PMPayment & billing

Enterprise plans are billed annually. We support payment by wire transfer and credit card (incl. Amex).


We are GDPR compliant and Schrems II compliant and can sign a DPA with you. Our servers are in US and we operate under EU standard contractual clauses in transferring data outside the EU. We can also set up build servers in EU so no data leaves EU.


SLAs, NDAs and other types of confidentiality agreements are available upon request.


We can provide quotes and work with resellers.