Usage-based Pricing

500 free minutes every month
All features available, limited to 1 user
Priced per build minutes or concurrency
2 months for free if paid annually
Tailored solutions
Onboarding support


No credit card required. Perfect for personal use or proof of concept to evaluate the product.


500 macOS M1 minutes / month

Extra minutes are available as per Pay as you go pricing

Maximum number of parallel builds
Build history and artifact storage
30 days
Technical support
GitHub Discussions

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. Billed on the first of each month for the previous month usage.

Applications and team members
macOS M1 and Intel-based machines
$0.095 / minute
Linux and Windows machines
$0.045 / minute

Number of parallel builds

1 included

Up to 3
Additional concurrency price
$49 / concurrency
Build history and artifact storage
60 days
Technical support
In-app chat

Fixed price Extra details

$4,788 / year
$3,990 / year

Perfect for established teams who prefer fixed annual costs.

Applications and team members
macOS M2 and Intel-based machines
Linux and Windows machines

Number of parallel builds

3 included

Up to 10
Additional concurrency price
$1,500 / concurrency
Build history and artifact storage
Technical support
In-app chat

Enterprise plan

Starts from
$12,000 / year

All features with custom configurations available on request

Priority support
Payment via wire transfer or AWS Marketplace
SSO Login (OpenID, OAuth2 or SAML 2.0)
Signed SLAs, NDAs, DPAs
Assistance with VSAs
Dedicated machines with custom hardware and software

Interested in an enterprise plan?

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Real case pricing examples

Fixed price

Using Codemagic for CI (Checks/Testing on PR merges) and using for CD (distribution to Testers and stores). Publishing iOS and Android app. They have 4 concurrencies and 15 developers.

Game studio with 1 million downloads

Pay as you go

Using Codemagic to build and publish the apps, and GitHub Actions for tests, linting, and static code analysis. Build for iOS, Android, and the web. They have 3 concurrencies and a team of 4 mobile developers.

Popular Fintech app in Europe

Pay as you go

Using Codemagic to release occasional updates to the popular Hamilton musical app, no active development. Build and publish for iOS and Android.

the leading Flutter consultancy working with global brands

Save big with Codemagic

stars June 1, 2022

‟We were having a hard time building our games on Jenkins and codemagic came to the rescue. We can take concurrent builds at the same time for iOS, since it's a SaaS we don't have to manage the platform. It's very easy to use and set up. Pretty cheap when you compare it with the other platforms.”

stars August 19, 2022

‟Faster than our previous service, easy to integrate, and flexible pricing.”

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Common questions

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. When you pay for a year up front, you only pay for 10 months on the fixed plan. We also offer free accounts for teachers, students and for non-profits.

How does the billing work?

We charge your card for the previous month usage on the first of each month. We use Stripe to handle all payments. You can read more about supported card types here.

Can we cancel at any time?

There is no minimum contract - cancel at any time and pay for used minutes only without any penalty. If you prepaid for a year, your subscription will be canceled at the end of the billing period.

What if I have more questions?

You can send your question via the contact us page and we will be happy to help you.