iOS continuous integration and delivery

Automate the whole build, test and release pipeline of your iOS apps to get to the market 20% faster

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iOS CI/CD with Codemagic

iOS CI/CD with Codemagic

Set up your workflows in a single, easy-to-configure codemagic.yaml file. The file can be committed to version control, and when detected in the repository, will be used to configure the build.

You can automate the whole build, test and release pipeline of your iOS apps to get to the market in record time. Read our in-depth guide on how to get started with continuous integration for your iOS apps.

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Codemagic CI/CD for iOS

Easy project setup

Easy project setup

Getting started with building native iOS apps is easy thanks to ready-made configuration templates, which you can find in our documentation.

Customizable workflows for iOS

Customizable workflows for iOS

Have full control over your iOS CI/CD pipeline with workflows that fit the needs of your development team. Set up different workflows for development, testing and releasing the app.

Seamless iOS code signing

Seamless iOS code signing

Manage code signing yourself or let Codemagic take care of that for you with automatic code signing and Apple Developer Portal integration. Codemagic CLI tools for easier code signing are open source and can be also used locally.

iOS unit and UI test

iOS unit and UI test

Testing iOS apps on Codemagic CI/CD is as easy as running the test commands in the scripts section of the codemagic.yaml file. Read more about running unit and UI tests here.

MacOS hardware with latest tools

MacOS hardware with latest tools

Our powerful Mac mini and Mac Pro build machines are always equipped with the latest tools you need to build beautiful apps for iOS. All build machines have multiple Xcode versions and runtimes preinstalled to suit your needs.

First-class support

First-class support

The Slack workspace for our community has more than 3k members. Find quick solutions and discuss your projects with fellow developers. In-app support is available to our enterprise clients, please visit our enterprise page for more information.

Continuous integration and delivery for iOS with Codemagic

Easily add your iOS app wherever it is hosted

Full integration with Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and other Git-based repositories. Support for both cloud-based and self-hosted solutions.

Assure the quality of your app with automated tests for iOS

Codemagic makes it easy to automate the testing of your iOS apps. You can choose to run tests on simulator, or on real devices using Firebase Test Lab, Browser Stack or AWS Device Farm. Codemagic will run automatic tests after every new commit to guarantee the health of your iOS apps.

Keep your iOS app development team in the loop

Codemagic will provide you with detailed feedback on all the test runs and builds, and will notify the team about detected issues. Get instant information about your project and keep all the stakeholders in the loop.

Get to the market 20% faster with continuous delivery

Codemagic enables you to automatically publish your app to App Store Connect for beta testing with TestFlight or distributing the app to users via App Store. Just set up iOS code signing to publish IPAs to App Store Connect.

Get to the market 20% faster

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iOS integrations to get your job done

Customize your iOS workflow with scripts and environment variables via codemagic.yaml and build, test and deploy your iOS apps in record time. Check the growing list of preinstalled software.

Repository hosting

Azure DevOps
Self-hosted repositories

Developer tools

iOS simulator

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Testing on real devices

AWS Device Farm
Firebase Test Lab
Sauce Labs


Firebase App Distribution
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