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CI/CD for mobile dev teams

One tool for all your mobile app builds. Test, build and release with ease.

Trusted by 150,000+ developers

Product features

Codemagic CI/CD integrates with Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and other self-hosted or cloud-based Git repositories. You push the code – and Codemagic takes care of building, testing, and distributing your app.

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Build for all platforms

Use your preferred framework and target any platform with Codemagic – Android, iOS, web, or desktop.

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Automate with Codemagic

Automate the most time-consuming app release steps, such as code signing, building and uploading new app versions, and setting changelogs.

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Fully hosted and maintained

Get instant access to different hardware and software configurations with our cloud-based and fully maintained infrastructure.

Intuitive codemagic.yaml and user-friendly app interface

Top reasons for teams choosing Codemagic

Easy to set up

The intuitive UI makes setting up Codemagic easy and onboarding is quick thanks to out-of-the-box support for the most popular tools like fastlane. We offer free onboarding assistance to help you get all set.

Flutter workflow editor or configuration as code

Choose between an easy-to-use UI and automatic project configuration for Flutter projects or have more control over your workflows with codemagic.yaml.

First-class support for iOS

Codemagic takes the pain out of code signing with built-in code signing identities management and the Apple Developer portal integration.

Integrates with third-party services

Codemagic integrates with your tech stack so you can use the tools you love and automate the entire build, test, and release pipeline.

Predictable pricing

Choose between usage-based or unlimited usage. Easily add more parallel builds as your team expands.

Secure and compliant


The audit report is available on request

ISO 27001

Our data center partners are ISO 27001-certified


Your personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR/CCPA