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How Codemagic works

  1. Easily add your app from any Git source

    Full integration with Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and other Git-based repositories. Support for both cloud-based and self-hosted solutions.
    Add your app
  2. Trigger builds based on your Git flow or make custom build triggers with the Codemagic API

    Builds can be triggered on pull request, push to master or other branches, tags or you can create custom build triggers using the Codemagic API.

    Environment variables can be passed to your configuration using the Codemagic API, allowing you to keep the required number of workflows to a minimum. For example, you can define one workflow for a client app and pass the client ID to fetch the required configuration for the flavor/scheme.

    Trigger builds
  3. Flavors and schemes

    Use Codemagic's codemagic.yaml configuration and the Codemagic API to manage multiple versions of your applications.

    A single version workflow configuration to build multiple apps or multiple workflows for multiple app targets.

    Codemagic provides a consistent build environment and takes the hassle out of maintaining updating software versions.

    Use multiple concurrencies to build several app versions at the same time.

    Flavors and schemes
  4. Testing

    Codemagic makes it easy to automate the testing of your white label apps. You can set up automatic build triggering to test every new commit or pull request. Tests can be run on the emulator or simulator or real devices on Firebase Test Lab, Browser Stack or AWS device farm, or any other provider that you are using.

    Codemagic's premium macOS and Linux build machines provide rapid feedback for your development team. Additional build concurrencies can easily be added, so builds can be run in parallel, allowing you to scale your available resources as your business grows. Linux machines support nested virtualisation that makes Android tests more stable.

  5. Code signing

    Automate the code signing of your white label apps. For iOS apps, Codemagic has an integration with Apple Developer Portal. Certificates and provisioning profiles can be automatically created, fetched and updated from the Apple Developer Portal to code sign your apps.

    Code signing
  6. Publishing

    Codemagic simplifies publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play by using the stores' publishing APIs. This means you can publish apps using your own or your customers' app store accounts. You can also use automatic build versioning based on the last version published to Google Play or the App Store.


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